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Frequent Questions on Short Term Rental

Finding a rental car on is very simple. Whether you are going to Rome, Venice, Milan or any other beautiful city, we can help you find the ideal car by comparing the prices of various airlines.

When doing a search on our site, we provide you with all the information you need to make a decision, not just based on the price, but also on fuel policy, ratings, rental locations and much more.
At the time of withdrawal, the primary engine must be in possession of a letterhead payment card in its own name, containing the funds needed to cover the deductible / deposit and local charges, additional accessories or any additional service To the charterer's bench.
The main driver and additional drivers must present a valid driver's license in his own name, and the voucher / eVocuher from issued once the reservation is confirmed.
Booking a car on can be made through any card with the only exception of American Express. Prepaid cards are only accepted at the time of booking the car, however, for car withdrawal it is essential to submit a prepaid credit card and be headed for the main driver. If this does not happen, the car rental agency reserves the right not to deliver the car and does not feel responsible.
In addition, at the time of the withdrawal, you must leave a security deposit. Please see the "Deposits, Deductibility and Coverage" section in terms and conditions. This deposit guarantees coverage for any damage to the vehicle or its accessories.
This is a standard procedure applied by all rental companies, and usually results in a lump sum on the driver's credit card. In the “Payment Information” section of the terms and conditions, the accepted paper types will be indicated.
For reservations you can use prepaid cards and debit cards but rental companies need a credit card in the main car engine as the rental guarantee at the time of withdrawal.
Unfortunately American Express cards are not accepted for bookings on, however American Express is accepted by rental companies as a rental guarantee.
Car hire agents require a credit card on behalf of the driver. This is because a deposit is required that is not charged by the credit card until the car is returned.
In some countries, two credit cards are required when renting larger vehicle groups.
Always check that your credit card has enough credit at the time of rental. The authorized amount generally corresponds to the insurance and fuel deduction, but varies according to the size of the vehicle, the driver's age, the car rental agent, the duration of the rental and the place of withdrawal of the vehicle.
If the car rental agent can not present a valid credit card, or even as he has not had enough credit, refuse to deliver the vehicle. In these cases, there will be no refund.
At the charterer's desk, all drivers must be in possession of a driver's license issued for at least one year (often two years). The expiry of patents or temporary documents will not be accepted.
Staff at the desk could also check for any road traffic damage. If your license was issued in England, Scotland or Wales, you will need to know the changes that have been introduced since June 8, 2015.
In case you have committed traffic offenses, or your license was revoked, Contact us as soon as possible, as they may be limited to rental.
If you are renting a car abroad, check your voucher for an international travel permit (often called the International Driving Permit, although "Permesso" is the correct name) as well as your national driver's license.
You can change your booking using the appropriate function. Sign in from Manage reservation and make the desired changes. does not apply any cost for managing the changes .
However, booking changes may cause a change in price / price, or additional costs caused by material changes such as the duration or type of car. You can also edit or add the flight number from here.
You can check the status of your booking at any time by accessing Manage booking.
Confirmation vouchers will be available once the full payment has been received.
Although offers all-inclusive rates, on some occasions, may charge an additional fee to be paid by the charterer's bench.
Any mandatory (non-ancillary) local tax will be clearly indicated during the booking procedure, as well as on the rental contract.
All local taxes are payable directly to the tenant's counter at the time of signing the contract. These fees may be:

  • Plant tax, to support operating costs at airport locations.
  • Winter fee, to cover special equipment costs during the winter time.
  • Any other options requested at the charterer's desk.
All extra accessories shown are VAT excluded and will be paid on site. If you used accessories such as baby seats, GPS, snow chains, snow tires, ski boots, etc., access the Manage reservation and add the extra extras you want.
If you have any additional requests, please include them during the booking procedure, but can not guarantee certain availability.
The additional driver can be added to the acceptance desk of the car rental.
All additional drivers must be physically retired and must have a valid driver's license to sign the lease. Please note that all additional extras and additional drivers are all paid at the local hire office prior to the vehicle's withdrawal.
In case you need to pick up or return a car outside the office hours, the rental company will arrange for a staff member to be available. A notice will be required to request this service and an additional cost will be applied.
In most cases vehicles can also be driven outside the country of withdrawal, more information is available in the Terms and Conditions of Rental on the booking screen of our online car rental engine.
Please let us know as early as possible by email or phone, in case your flight delays.
If you have already provided your flight number, the supplier will be able to track your arrival up to 1 hour late. assumes no responsibility for any loss, damage, alteration or change due to air delays.
The fuel policy may vary depending on the car and the rental company you chose. For this reason, we recommend that you always check the rental conditions for the policy in your case.

The most common formula is "pick up full-return full". In this case the car will be supplied with a full, included in the rental price. Remember, therefore, to make sure that the tank is actually full when you pull out the car. Otherwise, immediately contact the rental agent. Before returning the car, remember to fill the tank, otherwise you will be charged at full cost to the rental agency and you may also incur a charge for non-refueling.

A second possible formula, especially for overseas rentals, is the "pick up full-return empty" policy. This means the machine is supplied with the full, but you do not have to worry about refueling before returning the car. Be careful, however: the excess gas in the tank will not be reimbursed, so make the most of it! At the refund, you will still be charged the credit card with the full amount of petrol you are leaving with.

There is a third option, that is the "empty-return empty pick-up". But it is very rare.

Our advice is always the same: check in the rental terms and conditions as well as consider the best option for your trip before booking!
What is the deduction? When is it planned? How to avoid it? Every rental you make on includes helmet insurance. However, this provides for a deduction, that is, the maximum amount that the driver of the rented car will have to pay in the event of damage to the vehicle, personal injury, or theft or fire of the car.

The amount of the deduction may vary according to the company with which it is leased, The amount is always shown on the rental conditions so do not forget to consult them!

Normally the amount of the deduction coincides with the nail that will be frozen on your credit card at the withdrawal of the car and will then be unlocked for the redemption.

Let's take an example: if the deduction for your car is € 1,000, the rental company can charge a maximum of € 1,000 in the event of a claim. All other costs remain with the rental agent .

But is it possible to completely eliminate it and not have to pay anything in case of an accident? Ofcourse Yes!

On you have the option of purchasing an additional AXA policy from just 6 euros a day that, in the event of an accident or theft, refunds you full of early deduction in a few days!

Insurance can be purchased both during booking and a few hours before you withdraw your car. In case you have signed up for the AXA policy, you will not need to buy any other policy that will be offered to you by the car rental agency as you will already be covered.
Spend a couple of minutes to familiarize yourself with the car before leaving the rental station. Controls the operation of the lights, shutter-glasses, door safety, spare wheel, etc. Check the status of the vehicle with an agent before leaving the rental station.
Be aware of any scratches and malfunctions already present so as to avoid misunderstandings when redirecting. It may be advisable to take pictures before retiring and after delivery. operates as a car rental broker. Reservations made through our service are subject to our terms and conditions.

These cover the deals with us and are shown on the rental contract as well as on our site.

The real rental of the vehicle will also be subject to the rules of the country where you rent it, and that is why you will need to sign a contract with your local rental company. You will need to make sure that you understand (and agree) the terms and conditions of the contract.
Be sure to return your car on the day and time in the voucher to avoid charging hours and / or extra days. Also check out your rental contract to know the extra hours / days.
Please contact the office from which you have retired the car. You will find the contact information on the voucher and / or your rental contract. The tenant must immediately inform the rental agent of each incident. In the event of an accident, the following measures must be taken:

  • Obtain complete details of the people involved in the accident as well as possible witnesses.

  • Immediately provide the rental agent with all details regarding the accident .

  • Immediately inform the authorities if the third party should be investigated or, in the case of injury.

  • Do not leave the vehicle without proper precautionary measures .

  • No refund will be made for a booking or lease of rental time if the vehicles were involved in an accident .
You can request the receipt at any time by accessing Manage Booking and clicking on the dedicated button . If you need an IVA invoice you will need to log it from Contacts and fill out the form.
The prices are based on the agreed pick-up and return times prior to charter start. In the case of late withdrawal or early redemption, no refunds will be provided.
There may be several reasons behind the costs incurred on site, for example: fuel costs, extra accessories, fines, damage to the vehicle.
Documentation issued by the rental company should show the list of costs.

If you are unable to understand the documentation, please contact our customer service and we will be happy to assist you by contacting the supplier for your account.
If you have any doubts about a completed rental, please sign in to Contatti and complete the form. .
Yes. At the time of the withdrawal, the staff at the bank will require a security deposit in case to cover any damage or theft. The deposit will be temporarily blocked / debited to the driver's credit / debit card for the entire duration of the rental.

In order for the car to be returned under the original conditions, the deposit will be unlocked / redeemed within seven business days.
If the driver's card did not have enough funds for the deposit, the delivery of the car could be refused, or the staff at the desk might insist on proposing additional coverage.

This is a common practice applied by all rental companies.
Various rental companies offer different types of additional roofing, but the most common is the Super Collision Damage Waiver (SCDW). Depending on the company, SCDW can:

  • Cover the parts of the car that are not covered by the Standard Liability for Limitation of Liability (eg windows and tires)
  • Reduce the deductible by lowering the ceiling to be paid in case of damage
  • Provide zero deductible, in which case you will not leave any deposit or pay for any damage.
- The infant seat is suitable for up to 13 kg (recommended for infants up to 12 months).

- The child seat is suitable for children from 9 to 18 kg (recommended for children from 9 months to 4 years).
Upon arrival, you must present the voucher to the rental desk. If the voucher is not delivered to the agent, we will decline any liability for additional charges and no refund will be granted.

For more information and terms and conditions click here.
On it is possible to book even if the driver is under the age of 25 or over 65. Some rental companies may, however, charge some additional costs for that scenario.

The premium for young drivers is not included in the final price displayed at the time of booking on but is specified in the rental conditions. The sum will have to be paid in local currency at the car rental office at the time of your withdrawal.
If you wish to modify or cancel your booking, you can do so through the appropriate section of our web site (Manage Booking ),or by contacting our customer service at +39 02 87168067. The cancellation is free of charge up to 24 hours prior to your withdrawal; Beyond this deadline, an administrative fee of Euro 50 will be applied. Cancellations are not allowed when the date and time of withdrawal are exceeded.

Ti consigliamo inoltre di non annullare la prenotazione direttamente presso l'agenzia di noleggio in quanto potrebbe essere soggetto a sanzioni. can not be held liable for any losses due to the inadequate exchange rate between the date of the online booking and the date of the following cancellation or modification (whenever possible).
In this case the owner of the credit card will need to register as a main driver even if not driving the car, and will add an additional driver to be the man or woman who will lead.
In the event that the holder does not have a valid driving license, the rental will not be granted because this scenario would not be in line with rental conditions.
At the booking stage will be indicated the amount to be anticipated and the one to be sold at the time of the withdrawal. Please read the Rental Terms and Conditions carefully to receive more information.
Your reservation will be confirmed in the span of 72 hours. Online reservations must preferably be made within 24 hours of departure so as to provide us with the time needed to handle the vehicle's prompt delivery. Please contact us in case of non-receipt of the voucher at
By booking on, the category of the selected vehicle is guaranteed but if you want a specific car, this will be requested directly to the rental agencies once the booking has been made.

Rental companies will be happy to assist you to meet any of your needs, but there may be some limitations regarding the park machine available at pickup.

If the brand or model of the booked vehicle is unavailable, an equivalent alternative to the selected vehicle class will be provided.
Returning to a location other than retirement is certainly possible. Whether you want to explore the fantastic Amalfi Coast or travel from Rome to Pisa, we can help you find the cheapest deals. The only exception is when you want to drive from Peninsula Italy to Sardinia. Few rental companies allow this type of travel as it would require sea transportation. .

Keep in mind that if you make a one-way trip, many companies apply the one-way fee, commonly known as the drop charge.

When doing a search on for a one-way rental, we'll tell you which companies apply the One-way Tax before making a reservation. Considering that we work with many companies in Italy, you can easily find those who offer Lower One-way Tax, or even no fees.
Finding a car with zero deductible is quite difficult, but you can certainly find a cars with a reduced deductible. Comparing cars is simple, just click on the link of the terms and conditions of each car. Scroll down to see the “Deposits, Deductible and Covered” section.

You may also be interested in our cover products, which cover damage to many parts of the car, as well as cover various administrative costs associated with it. If you buy our protection and the car will bring damage, the costs will be refunded.
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