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The custmor service center is open from Mon to Sun from 09:00 to 23:00
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Insurance "Zero Deductible" from 1 € per day with:

Damage Refund Insurance

Damage Refund Insurance
When you pick up the car, the supplier will hold a deposit on your credit card – this is your excess amount (up to 3.000,00 €), which you are liable to pay if the car is damaged, stolen, or keys are lost. If you want to reduce your liability to € 0.00 and receive a full refund for any excess paid, buy our policy Zero Deductible.

How does this insurance work during and after the hire?

Picking up your car

  • The car hire supplier may ask you to purchase deposit or excess insurance for your trip. You do not need this insurance as you are fully covered.
  • A deposit will be placed on your credit card to cover the excess in case of damage or theft.

So be sure to bring a credit card in the driver’s name, along with a credit limit sufficient to cover the excess/deposit, and call us if you have any problems when you reach the car hire supplier service desk.

Returning your car

  • If there is damage to the car or it is stolen, the car hire supplier will keep the excess to cover the costs, which you can claim back in full. Details on making a claim will be sent in your confirmation email.
  • If the car is not damaged or stolen, the excess deposit on your credit card will be fully refunded.

Refer to the terms and conditions on the confirmation page of car rental for all the details.

Top destinations

Car Rental Rome

Car RentalRome

Car Rental Naples
Car RentalNaples

Car Rental Milan
Car RentalMilan

Car Rental Palermo
Car RentalPalermo

Car Rental Catania

Car RentalCatania

Car Rental Cagliari
Car RentalCagliari


Frequent Questions on Short Term Rental

Booking a car on can be made through any card with the only exception of American Express.
Prepaid cards are only accepted when booking the car, but for car withdrawal it is essential to have a prepaid credit card and headed for the driver.
If this does not happen, the car rental agency reserves the right not to deliver the car.
Yes, just enter the details of the driver during the booking process, At the time of the withdrawal, the principal driver must have a payment card in his / her name,containing the funds required to cover the deductible / deposit and any local costs, extra accessories or any other extra service required at the charter bank
The driver and any additional drivers will have to present a valid driving license in their own name along with the voucher / eVoucher of, issued once the reservation has been confirmed.

Each rental company has several requirements, so make sure you also check the terms and conditions.
By booking on, the category of the selected vehicle is guaranteed but if you want a specific car, this will be requested directly to the rental companies once the booking has been made.
Rental agencies will be glad to assist you to meet your every need, but there may be some limitations regarding the park machine available when you pick up your car.
If the brand or model of the booked vehicle is unavailable, an equivalent alternative to the selected vehicle class will be provided.
The reservation will be confirmed within 72 hours.
Online reservations must preferably be made within 24 hours of departure so as to provide us with the time needed to handle the vehicle's prompt delivery.
Please contact us if the Voucher is not received.
In the insurance policy, the deductible is a reimbursement by the insured for damages caused to third parties in the event of a claim..
the deductible can vary from 200 to 1,600 € and depends on the type of car, optional and above all by the rental agency.
The deductible can be completely abandoned by subscribing to an additional insurance policy such as the Zero franchise offered by or the one offered by its rental agency, but the latter is much cheaper than the Zero deductibility.
Drivers must be in possession of a valid driving license of at least 1 year (s) and must not have committed serious road traffic offenses.
Do you have any questions? See the section Answers to our Frequently Asked Questions or Contact us

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