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Official Partner for Long Term Rental:

Via Chiosso, 15 – CH6948 – Porza – Svizzera
Tel. +39-0681152219 – Fax +390681151142
Website: https://www.ionoleggioauto.com
E-mail: camarservice@ionoleggioauto.com



Ionoleggioauto.com, Partner of leading industry companies operating in over 174 countries around the world.

It is a real pride for us to represent the Italian market in such a competitive industry.

Ionoleggioauto.com, Launched in April 2016, is based on the promise of an absolutely beneficial price ratio. We are convinced that people are turning to us because they know that besides fair prices, what we offer is also a service characterized by cordiality and reliability. These are aspects of our work that we strive to keep for people to enjoy the best possible experience. We also hope that booking a car with us can become part of a truly fantastic trip and holiday.

Here are some other reasons why you should choose Ionoleggioauto.com:

  • We are available all over the world. 

You can find us in over 174 countries with 800 rental companies in more than 49,000 locations between cities, stations and airports with a capillary coverage of almost all the most popular tourist destinations.

  • As for the car, we think of everything. 

As one of the leading car rental brokers we can select quality suppliers everywhere. This means that what you will receive will always be a new, safe and proven quality machine …

  • You can choose any type of car. 

This means every type that goes from a super mini to a luxurious MPV.

  • Have not we talked about the low level of our prices yet?? 

This is because we buy in such high volumes that we can afford to negotiate really low tariffs. Your advantage lies in the fact that we transfer these economies to the customer.

  • There are no hidden costs. 

We love to keep everything in a state of transparency so that prices include taxes and collision damage waivers (insurance against accidents and damage).

  • We guarantee quality. 

Our quality control core visits regular suppliers to ensure the highest quality levels are maintained.

  • The mileage is unlimited and free. 

In this way there will be no bad surprises when the car is returned.

Long Term Rental Car Service

Ionoleggioauto.com is a team of professionals specialized in long-term rental throughout Italy. In partnership with CamarService, we offer our customers a new mobility experience every day, listening to their needs and profiling the best solutions.

Whether you are a private person, a freelancer, or a representative of a large company, we are at your complete disposal to study with you the best rental solution available on the market with a fully customized, flexible and versatile offer. Line with your mobility needs.

Extremely competitive costs for a “turnkey service”, we think of all of us, long-term rental is the most innovative solution to offer all types of businesses, free professionals or private individuals complete mobility, with clear costs and no immobilization capital.


We remind you that all reservations about short term rentals are handled directly by our vendor, which provides all the necessary support when needed (find references in the booking email).

For questions about our services or business proposals please contact us at the address info@ionoleggioauto.com

Finally, if you need our data for tax / legal matters:

Via Garibaldi Trav. III, 22 – 89029 Taurianova (RC) 
VAT: IT02848490807

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